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Online Smile Assessment

Straighter Smiles in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, achieving a brighter smile has never been more accessible, thanks to Dr. James Karpac’s innovative Online Smile Assessment service. This free, no-obligation service allows you to receive a professional evaluation of your smile from one of Ohio’s top orthodontists right from the comfort of your home. Simply by using your smartphone to take and send a few selfies of your teeth, you can get expert advice on improving your smile and receive an estimate of the potential costs. 

A Simple 4-Step Process

Here’s how you can take advantage of Dr. Karpac’s Online Smile Assessment:

Smile naturally and take a selfie with your teeth together to show the alignment of your front teeth.

Lean your head back and snap a selfie of your upper teeth. This helps in evaluating the top arch of your smile.

Tilt your head forward and take a selfie of your lower teeth, focusing on the bottom arch.

Email these selfies to dublin@jameskarpacortho.com You will soon receive a detailed response from Dr. Karpac, including tailored smile options and an outline of the treatment costs.

STEP 1: Smile and take a SELFIE with your teeth together.

STEP 2: Lean your head back and take a SELFIE of your top teeth.

STEP 3: Tip your head down and take a SELFIE of your bottom teeth.

STEP 4: Email your SELFIES to dublin@jameskarpacortho.com and Dr. Karpac will email you back with your Smile Options and the Cost of Treatment!

The Smile Assessment is FREE with NO obligation. We do not share your submitted detials with any third party. 

*Please note that texts, emails, and Facebook may not be 100% secured based on your carrier, phone-type, and e-mail service. By submitting these photographs, you consent to these types of communications. 

Our Commitment to You

This convenient and cutting-edge service emphasizes privacy and security, though it’s important to note the inherent risks in digital communications. However, the process ensures that your details are handled with the utmost confidentiality and are not shared with any third party.

Contact us Today!

If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment, don’t delay. Transform your smile and boost your confidence by trying out Dr. Karpac’s Free Online Smile Assessment today. Why wait to see what your smile could be when you have expert guidance just a click away? Contact Dr. Karpac’s team now and take the first step towards a radiant smile that lights up the room!

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