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Treatment Options

Full Care Orthodontics

No matter which treatment option you choose, you will receive “Full Care Orthodontics.” What is Full Care Orthodontics?

That is what Full Care Orthodontics is, and that is what we are providing for our patients.

We Provide

Line-M-Up™ & Invisible Aligners

Line-M-Up™ is our very own trademarked invisible aligner system at JK Orthodontics, and it truly is a product of Dr. Karpac’s many innovations. What differentiates Line-M-Up™ from other invisible aligner products is that you can perfectly straighten your smile in as little as 6 months, but treatment timelines do range anywhere from 6-24 months based upon specific patient needs. 


Line-M-Up™ is a great option for orthodontic patients that don’t want metal or clear braces, and they also provide much more flexibility in terms of what you can eat and drink. Being able to take your aligners out for meals and snacks is priceless for countless patients, and discreetly perfecting your smile is another major benefit that keeps this treatment option growing in popularity every year.

Line-M-Up™ combines x-rays, 3D scans and cutting-edge software to develop a comprehensive aligner sequence that’s easy to follow, and Dr. Karpac’s expertise will better ensure that your treatment is remaining on track. Although there are plenty of sub-par invisible aligner companies out there advertising their products online and on social media as an affordable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, it’s important to understand just how crucial it is to work in-person with an experienced professional throughout your invisible aligner treatment. 


And when you team up with Dr. Karpac and the JK Orthodontics staff, you can be fully sure that you’re not missing anything that could potentially jeopardize your treatment’s end results! 

Clear Braces

Clear braces are made of a ceramic material that’s tooth-colored and blends in well with a patient’s smile. This subsequently leads to a less noticeable, yet equally effective, orthodontic treatment option. Clear braces are also referred to as invisible braces because they actually take a bit of concentration to see! 


Clear braces are a good option for both teenagers and adults that want to have an alternative from conventional metal braces, and these braces utilize the exact same treatment method. 

One thing that patients and parents should keep in mind about clear braces is that they tend to be more expensive as compared to metal braces, but our staff will help evaluate your case and support you with financing options that can help make clear braces more affordable. We’ll also help you navigate the complex maze of dental insurance to better understand if your insurance provider will help cover your overall treatment costs.


There’s no denying that clear braces can provide the best of both worlds for people who want to obtain high-quality, discreet orthodontic treatment while not worrying about invisible aligner upkeep on a daily basis! 

Gold Braces

Traditional braces are still one of the top options for patients all throughout the United States, and the whole point of this treatment is to help improve oral health for the rest of a patient’s life and have them fall in love with their smile. 


It’s important to know that you do have options when it comes to braces treatment, because now you can choose between conventional silver, clear and even gold braces. 


Gold wires and brackets are a great option for orthodontic patients


A lot of people are interested in obtaining the benefits of braces treatment, but they aren’t too keen on having their mouth full of metal. Many patients want their braces to be unique, and gold braces just so happen to provide a very attractive appearance and functional fit that helps patients stand out amongst the crowd! 


You don’t have to dread wearing braces when you embrace the aesthetics associated with gold braces. These braces truly are a fashion statement that helps a patient stand out from other braces patients wearing silver, stainless steel braces.

Is treatment different with gold braces? 


No, treatment is exactly the same with gold braces as compared to traditional metal braces. Some people think that gold is too soft of a metal for braces treatment, which is why it’s important to know that these braces are actually stainless steel with a gold coating. So when it comes to functionality, silver and gold braces are equal.


You also don’t need to worry about taking extra care of your gold braces in contrast to conventional silver braces, but you’ll still need to maintain proper oral hygiene and healthy eating habits. 


Gold braces provide a bolder look


No one needs to feel embarrassed about wearing braces these days. What’s great about gold braces is that you’ll have a really incredible, bold look that you can be proud of while correcting your smile! 

Rapid Palatal Expander

One of the many reasons why seven-year-olds should have their initial consultation appointment with Dr. Karpac is because a child’s dental arch (palate) can develop too narrowly. This is problematic because it can subsequently lead to excessive tooth crowding, misalignments and unhealthy bites. 


A rapid palatal expander is one of the most commonly used orthodontic appliances in young children because it helps to slowly spread a child’s palate with minimum discomfort. 

Benefits of Palatal Expansion 


There are several important benefits of palatal expansion that both parents and young orthodontic patients should know about, including: 


  • Correcting a crossbite: Many young children in need of palatal expansion are at risk of developing a crossbite, which means that their upper teeth are biting inside their lower teeth on one or both sides. This is a serious oral health issue because it can eventually lead to lower jaw displacement, so it’s important to alleviate these symptoms early on before a child undergoes more conventional orthodontic treatment. 


  • Reduces crowding: It’s crucial that your child’s teeth erupt in their proper positions in order to avoid further dental issues as they get older, and palatal expansion is one of the best strategies to ensure proper adult tooth eruption. 


  • Breathing improvements: Many children experience difficulty breathing through their noses due to a deep or narrow jaw, which then usually leads to prolonged, continuous mouth breathing. Palatal expansion can improve a child’s breathing habits and help them avoid potential dental issues.


Metal Braces

It’s important for parents and prospective patients to know the many benefits associated with metal braces, and there certainly are many more advantages with this treatment type as compared to disadvantages. 


The first advantage of metal braces is incredible sturdiness, which is important for many people’s lifestyles. A lot of patients prefer metal braces as compared to invisible aligners like Line-M-Up™ because they don’t want to worry about taking proper care of aligner trays. Metal braces also provide very efficient treatment timelines, but overall treatment length generally depends upon an individual’s unique needs. 


Metal braces are also more affordable as compared to invisible aligners. The only slight disadvantage associated with metal braces is that some people consider them to be less aesthetic as compared to Line-M-Up™ and invisible braces, but this of course is only a personal preference.

Is braces treatment painful?


Most patients with metal braces don’t report any significant pain at the beginning of their treatment, but it is normal to feel a little bit uncomfortable in the first couple days when you’re getting used to having braces. Metal braces will apply pressure during the initial stages of straightening your teeth, but any discomfort goes away within a matter of days. 


The only other times when you’ll feel slight discomfort during braces treatment is when you come in for a tightening appointment. But even after these follow-up appointments, the discomfort will subside within a day or two. 


How should patients take care of their metal braces? 


The most important thing a braces patient can do in terms of upkeep is simply maintain good oral hygiene routines. You’ll need to thoroughly brush and floss each day, and you may need to avoid certain foods that aren’t good for braces. 


It’s very important for patients to do their part in taking care of their braces and teeth throughout the treatment process because neglecting your oral hygiene can lead to longer treatment times and potentially even cavity development.

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