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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Invisible Aligners


It really is wild how so many people still believe some of the outrageous myths associated with invisible aligners, so we’re going to set the record straight and debunk some of these common myths so you can know the truth! 


At James Karpac Orthodontics, we take pride in our transparency with our forthright client satisfaction policies, as well as the literal transparency of our very own trademarked invisible aligner system, Line-M-Up™


Our Line-M-Up™ technology has taken the basic concept of invisible aligners to a whole new level, and now anyone can straighten their smiles exponentially faster than ever before without the hassles of painful wire adjustments and frequent office visits! 


We know how great Line-M-Up™ is, but there is still so much misinformation floating around online that we’re ready to clear up. So here are the 5 common myths about invisible aligners you shouldn’t believe! 



  • Invisible aligners are more expensive than traditional braces 



So many people think that invisible aligners are a budget buster, or at least cost the same or more than traditional, fixed braces. This couldn’t be further from the truth! 


The facts are that invisible aligners like Line-M-Up™ are a cheaper alternative because you won’t have to visit the orthodontist’s office as frequently. The majority of the cost involved with invisible aligners goes towards the actual manufacturing of the aligner sequence. 


So when you go the Line-M-Up™ route, you’ll only have to come into our office for a couple visits! This subsequently cuts down on the overall cost of your orthodontic treatment process, so there’s no need to be afraid of the costs of invisible aligners. 


Also, you should know that we always provide our clients with financing options so you can ensure that your payment installments meet your family’s budget! 



  • Invisible aligners take longer to straighten your teeth 



One of the best aspects of Line-M-Up™ is that it only takes anywhere from 6-18 months to achieve optimal results, so it’s definitely untrue that invisible aligners make the straightening process take longer. Although there are extenuating circumstances depending on the number of aligners that are needed to achieve a perfect smile for each patient, it’s safe to say that our Line-M-Up™ technology has innovated orthodontics through faster results. 


Once we scan your teeth via our 3D intra-oral scanner, we’ll be able to work with our software team to develop your aligner sequence and a video that shows you first hand what will happen during your treatment process. This emailed video will also let you know how long your treatment will take.



  • Braces are for teenagers, including invisible aligners



This is quite the contrary at our office, and these days more and more adults are choosing our Line-M-Up™ invisible aligners as their alternative to fixed braces. Invisible aligners in a way have become the solution for so many adults who missed out on traditional braces when they were a teenager, and there’s of course absolutely nothing to be ashamed of by wanting to correct your smile once and for all later in life.


Invisible aligners are great for adults who want to maintain their professional appearance while straightening their teeth, so invisible aligners are for adults just as much as traditional braces are for teenagers! 



  • Invisible aligners stain easily



Given that you’ll be changing your aligner set about every two to three weeks means that you simply won’t have much time to stain them! One great aspect of our Line-M-Up™ aligners is that they actually make brushing and cleaning your teeth a lot easier. 


Fixed braces will always trap more food and plaque in them as compared to invisible aligners, and the fact that you can remove your aligners before eating and drinking any beverages besides water means you’ll be keeping an eye on how clean they are throughout each day. 


The main thing that Line-M-Up™ patients need to consider is that it’s important to floss, brush your teeth, and thoroughly rinse your aligners after each time you eat. But the entire notion that invisible aligners stain easily is a complete myth, simply because of the necessary hygiene regimen. 



  • Invisible aligners give you a lisp



This myth is actually semi truthful, and that’s only because you may experience a bit of a lisp in the very first few days of wearing your invisible aligners. This of course will fade away quickly when your mouth and teeth adjust to the new plastic object that normally hasn’t been in that space! 


In this way, invisible aligners are kind of like new shoes in that you’ll simply break them in after a couple days!


We hope that we’ve cleared the air for you in terms of these common invisible aligner myths, and if you’d like more information feel free to contact us here online or call our orthodontic experts at (614) 766-0330.


We look forward to hearing from you and setting you up with our innovative Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner technology! 

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