Orthodontist Dublin Ohio

Orthodontist Dublin Ohio

No one hopes to have wrongly-positioned or misaligned teeth and jaws. This is a dental defect that can make you feel unattractive and uncomfortable. At James Karpac Orthodontics, we offer outstanding, well-detailed orthodontics procedure for children and adults in Dublin, Ohio, and nearby communities. Irrespective of how deformed your teeth or jaw can be, Dr. James Karpac, our board-certified orthodontist in Dublin Ohio, can fix it.

Also, our dental procedures are affordable, reliable, and well-detailed. Apart from diagnosis, Dr. James Karpac will provide you with prevention and correction techniques. Whether you are looking to correct your teeth defect, enhance your facial structure, or improve your bite, our orthodontics procedure in Dublin Ohio is the ideal option for you.

What Do Orthodontists Do?

Are you concerned about crooked or misaligned teeth? Well, you’re not alone. Not everyone has perfect alignment when it comes to teeth. But thanks to orthodontics and the orthodontists that can make that teeth perfect again. Orthodontists are dentists, but specialized dentist that specialize and work to improve their patients' smiles through correcting teeth alignment and guiding proper facial development.

An orthodontist specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, interception, and treatment of malocclusions, or "bad bites," of the teeth. Malocclusions can result from teeth that are crowded, or with spaces between them, or jaws that are out of alignment.

An orthodontist can straighten teeth by moving them through bone by the use of bands, wires, braces, and other fixed or removable corrective appliances or retainers.

Orthodontists have many tools at their disposal to help them move the teeth and jaws into proper alignment. They can also help in many ways such as using X-rays and photographs of the teeth to create individualized treatment plans, treating protruding teeth, teeth that don’t meet or meet improperly.

What Are The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment?

Some reasons why you should consider the orthodontic treatment include:

Improve Oral Health: Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth are said to cause gum disease and bone loss. Gum disease if left untreated, can cause health problems that go far beyond the mouth. Researchers have linked gum and periodontal disease to heart disease. However, straightening the teeth allow proper alignment, which in turn improve both the teeth, gum and general health.

Decrease Jaw Pains/Issues: Misaligned teeth can often cause stress or pain on the jaw. Orthodontic treatment allows your bite pattern to improve, which in turn reduces the risk of excessive stress to the jaw, and keeps your teeth from wearing down unevenly. Stress to the jaw can also weaken your teeth, and make it to be more susceptible to chipping or breaking off.

Boost Self Confidence: People with crooked or misaligned teeth often find it difficult to smile in public. They just can’t help it and may find excuses to avoid social gathering. More often than not, this can lower self-esteem. However, with the help of orthodontics. A great smile and improved self-confidence are assured.

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Orthodontist Dublin Ohio
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