Braces Dublin Ohio

Braces Dublin Ohio

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile with straight teeth. Unfortunately, most people don’t have straight teeth. Crooked teeth can be unattractive and may also impact the way you chew. If you long for a gorgeous smile, we can help you achieve a new look with braces in Dublin, Ohio. Teens and adults will enjoy the benefits of an attractive smile with straight teeth.

What is Line-M-Up?

Line-M-Up is our own proprietary transparent invisible aligner system for straightening teeth. When you use our braces in Dublin, Ohio, you can straighten your teeth in as few as six months. We make Line-M-Up invisible aligners with high-quality materials possible. We use a high-tech 3-D intra-oral scanner to get a complete view of your teeth and bite. Then, we work with our software experts to develop the proper treatment aligner sequence for your needs. We provide you with a video simulation of how the aligners will straighten your teeth over time. Then, we print 3-D models, and then we create aligners in our laboratory.

Advantages of Line-M-Up

There are many advantages to using Line-M-Up invisible aligners. Invisible aligners are aesthetically pleasing and virtually unnoticeable. They are more comfortable than metal braces. You can remove invisible aligners so you can eat and brush your teeth normally. Our Line-M-Up aligners are easy to use, and we monitor the progress throughout the procedure. You can snap the aligners in place, and they go to work to move your teeth into proper position. Many adults would like to straighten their teeth but don’t want the stigma associated with metal braces. That is why adults and teens alike love our Line-M-Up invisible aligners.

What Are Other Options Available for Braces in Dublin, Ohio?

At JK Orthodontics we offer a wide range of braces. In addition to our exclusive Line-M-Up invisible aligners, we also provide clear braces, metal braces, gold brackets, and rapid palatal expanders. If you aren’t a candidate for Line-M-Up, you may prefer metal braces or traditional braces made with invisible components. We can use gold or other metals to give your braces a unique look that resembles jewelry. Today’s metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than those from decades ago. Our dentist will evaluate your dental needs and provide you with options that will improve the look and function of your teeth.

Full Care Orthodontics

At JK Orthodontics, we understand what it takes to create straight teeth and a gorgeous smile. We use the latest technology and techniques to provide you with high-quality orthodontics that will give you straight teeth that will last a lifetime. Our caring team is here to assist you through the process. We make your visits as stress-free and easy as possible. We can improve the look of your smile with our techniques and devices. You can view our before and after photos to see some of the results that we have achieved with our patients. If you are ready to improve your smile with braces in Dublin, Ohio, we can help. Contact JK Orthodontics to schedule an appointment today.




Braces Dublin Ohio
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