The Do’s And Don’ts When Wearing Line-M-Up™

invisible aligners and Line-M-Up are helping patients

Here’s our list of tips to keep in mind while wearing our innovative invisible aligner technology called Line-M-Up™   Invisible aligners have become a well-known way for orthodontic patients to obtain their dream smile within a comfortable method, and Dr. Karpac’s unique Line-M-Up™ technology is leading the industry when it comes to effectiveness. But although […]

How BioPURE’s Goldshield 5 Is Keeping Our Patients And Staff Safe From COVID-19

A groundbreaking antimicrobial technology is helping all of us at James Karpac Orthodontics to eliminate the risks of COVID-19!   A really incredible antimicrobial product from bioPURE and Goldshield Technologies called the Goldshield 5 is helping all of us at James Karpac Orthodontics when it comes to adequately disinfecting our office furniture, walls, desks, dental […]

6 Benefits Oriented Around Our Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

COVID-19 prevention is changing orthodontic treatment

Virtual orthodontic appointments are a new thing for all of us, so here are some of the benefits you should consider when it comes to this COVID-19 precaution   Although the entire concept behind virtual orthodontic appointments is a very new thing throughout the industry, this has become wildly popular since March when the COVID-19 […]

How To Properly Manage Certain Orthodontic Issues From Home

it's important to carry certain orthodontic items with you while you're on the go!

Here are some tips to help you get through some common orthodontic issues without even needing to leave your house!                     The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much throughout the United States when it comes to obtaining healthcare of any type, and the virus has also […]

Our Guide To Virtual Orthodontic Exams: What You Need To Know

We want all of our newest patients to feel safe as they become a part of our family during these unprecedented times, which is why we’re offering virtual orthodontic exams! There’s no denying that many people and parents of young kids have become concerned about initiating an orthodontic treatment process during the COVID-19 pandemic, and […]

An Update On How We’re Safely Adhering To COVID-19 Spread Prevention

COVID-19 prevention is changing orthodontic treatment

The health precautions with orthodontic treatment are changing everywhere in the age of COVID-19 All of us at James Karpac Orthodontics take the transmission of any kind of respiratory infection, including COVID-19, very seriously. We want every single one of our patients to feel safe when they come into our offices for appointments, and this […]

Special Information

Hi Everyone, Dr Karpac here!!! If you’re wondering how things are going in light of the current health crisis, you’ve come to the right place! I want you to know we’re taking all the right precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. The protocols we have instituted based on the CDC, OSHA and the OSDB […]

Common Bite Problems Found In All Orthodontic Patients

We experience a whole array of different bite problems that our orthodontic treatments help fix once and for all! You or your child’s bite is absolutely critical in terms of oral health, and in orthodontics a bite refers to the way in which a patient’s lower and upper teeth come together. A malocclusion is an […]

6 Must-Have Cleaning Items For When You’re On The Go!

it's important to carry certain orthodontic items with you while you're on the go!

Keeping these items on you while you’re away from home will always go a long way in terms of maintaining the overall cleanliness of your braces or Line-M-Up™ Trays! No matter if you’re orthodontic treatment entails traditional braces or Line-M-Up™, you’re going to need to ensure you’re properly cleaning your orthodontic appliances multiple times each […]

Why Adults Are Getting Orthodontic Treatment In Record Numbers

adult orthodontic treatment is more popular at James Karpac Orthodontics

More and more people are realizing that orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teenagers! It’s become very apparent in recent years that parents and adults of all ages no longer see orthodontic treatment as something that’s just for teenagers and young children. Parents don’t want to only take the back seat while their children experience all […]